Point Concepcion Lighthouse
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The Viticultural Philosophy of Place

The motivation for choosing Point Concepción as our winery name was to reflect the philosophy of “place”, in terms of the effects of climate and region as expressed by the collective influences of land and sea on wine character and typicity. The influences created by the dominant topographical landmark Point Conception, as a primary geographic feature of the Central Coast, strongly impact the wines and defines our region.

The important characteristics of Point Conception are visible by considering that the coastline from Point Conception runs north in one direction but below, rather than running south as expected, the coast runs eastward. The coastline to San Francisco runs north and faces west. The coastline to Los Angeles runs east and faces south.

Cold Water Current

The impact of Point Conception on viticultural climate is visible from the ocean as the California current flows from the Arctic waters of the North Pacific, down to the western coast of California until it meets Point Conception.

At Point Conception, the chilly waters of the California current veer offshore to the west and a fog-laden, warmer eddy current flows up the coast from the south. The coastlands north of Point Conception are cool all year long because of the proximity of the cold waters of the California current. It is along this west-facing coast that the the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria Valleys open wide to embrace and welcome the cool, prevailing onshore flow.