Point Concepcion Lighthouse
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West to East Transverse Mountains

Superimposed on this cold Pacific Ocean influence from the north is a unique topographical feature of ancient, folded mountains that run from east to west, and whose valleys create “rivers” for the cold ocean air to flow inland.

North of Point Conception, the mountain ranges along the Coast run from south to north. From Point Conception southward, the terrain is bisected by west to east transverse mountain ranges that open to the coast and create maritime throats, guiding the cold marine air inland off of the Pacific Ocean. The combined effects of the cool marine influence from the California current and the topography of east-west transverse ranges create a unique growing region that is arguably the coldest in California.


Severely folded, twisted and uplifted, the mountains of Santa Barbara County consist of sedimentary rocks that were once ancient sea floor. These parent materials, through weathering and erosion, produce extremely well drained soils, low in nutrients that are optimal for low vine vigor.